Privacy Policy


This document outlines the privacy policy that users agree to when creating an account with (referred to herein as "webfice", "we", "us", "our"). This policy was put in place to protect our members personal information while also providing them with the details of how it will be used and only applies to interaction with our site. This does not apply to any other Website, offline point of contact between webfice, or any of our affiliates. This policy was implemented on September 1, 2014 and may change from time-to-time, so please periodically review this page. Each time you use our services or provide us with information, by doing so, you are accepting the practices described in this policy at that time.

Information We Collect From You

In order to provide our users with the best possible service, we obtain various information about each individual via their own submission. This information is NEVER sold or given to third-parties or affiliates. Any correspondence, such as emails or letters, between our staff and a user or third-party are kept on record as well as any complaints towards any individual user from other members. All messages, blogs, or other information posted in social, non-private outlets are considered public domain. We do NOT store users' ip addresses nor do we collect financial information from our members (such as bank accounts or credit card information) to help prevent identity or financial fraud. Any contributions or donations made using this site are handled by well known and respected third-parties (Paypal and/or Google Checkout).

Information Other Websites Collect From You

Our privacy policy only pertains to the services and products that this company sells and/or offers. Although we work closely with our third-parties and affiliates, we are NOT responsible for their practices and policies. Please be aware that any of these entities may use our brand names and trademarks or other intellectual property that we own. Links provided via our website are not governed by this or any other policies defined by this company and as such, we do not control these entities or their business practices, regardless of whether or not they contain our brand names, trademarks and other intellectual property. We encourage each user to review the privacy policies of our third-parties and affiliates and remind them that we are not responsible for their actions.

How We Use Your Information

This company is committed to protecting our users' personal information to the fullest extent possible. Users' email addresses, contact numbers, and other personal information are used for communication with our staff and automated services to contact members in connection with their activities including, but not limited to, confirmation emails or important news that could affect a relationship with us (these types of communications are known as "Operational Communications"). We do NOT give or sell any of this information to third-parties or affiliates that have not explicitly been granted by the user. Any third-party or affiliate with whom we are allowed to share our users personal information is authorized to use that information in accordance with our contractual arrangements with such third-parties or affiliates and in accordance with their own privacy policies, over which we have no control. By using our services and products, the user acknowledges that we are not responsible or liable for any actions or omissions by our third-parties and affiliates.

We will also NEVER voluntarily enter our users into any sweepstakes, game, or other program. While we may offer this information via email for our users to sign up or participate, it's at their own discretion and will. By purchasing, registering, or making reservations for, products, services, contests, sweepstakes, communications, any other programs (such as discount or rewards programs), or electing to receive communications (such as emails or magazine subscriptions) offered or sponsored by our third-parties or affiliates, you consent to our providing your personal information to them. Those third-parties or affiliates may use your personal information in accordance with their own privacy policies. You will need to contact those third-parties or affiliates to instruct them directly regarding your preferences for the use of your personal information by them.


One may not use another user's information for any purpose, including but not limited to, spamming, harassing, or making unlawful threats. We reserve the right to terminate each member who misuses other users' information or who otherwise violates this document and/or our terms of use.

One may not disclose their password to any third-parties, affiliates, person, or other entity. If, despite the foregoing, a password has become known by others, the user may lose substantial control over their personally identifiable information and may be subject to legally binding actions taken on their behalf. Therefore, if a password has been compromised for any reason, one should immediately change it for the protection of their account and related information. We also strongly urge our members to periodically change their account password to help reduce the risk of unauthorized access to the account and related information.