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Welcome to where you will find the most advanced suite of software! Currently we have two offerings comprising software for business management and software developers. We are working to create a complete web-based office solution that encompasses spreadsheets, word processing, and more. To signup, select your desired software, enter the requested information, and click 'Submit'!


If you are a software developer, then you may be interested in a software that not only tracks information such as bugs and feature requests, but to also incorporate social input and knowledge base articles!

This modular based office management software can be tailored to fit any type of business in any industry. It's powerful enough to be designed for the enterprise, but intuitive enough for the small businessman.
This is the social software that is part of our office suite. It has been designed for ease of use while servicing a very broad range of communications including instant messaging, email, and our own iMail.
Word processors are one of the most used applications in any environment. As a result we have included such software in our office suite too, but with some capabilities that are lacking in the competition!
Another often-used software of an office suite, spreadsheets are a great way to interact with various data sets using numbers, text, and graphics.
Do you need to make a presentation for school, work, or any type of event? Now you can! Create slideshows with ease using this software and as an added bonus, you can publish these directly to your website!
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